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夏 渺 橋 綠

Haa6 Miu5 Kiu4 Luk6
  Hämeenkyrö  /ˈɦæmeːnˌkyrø/

Hämeenkyrö /ˈɦæmeːnˌkyrø/

Hämeenkyrö, a Finnish municipal graced with forest and lakes, coincidentally finds her phonetic doppelgänger or lost sibling in Cantonese, 夏 渺 橋 綠 (Haa6 Miu5 Kiu6 Luk4) during July 2018. The serendipitous encounter of both, which has a drastically distinct background from language, culture, to history, has inspired a performative-literary-sculptural-visual-aural conversation, beginning with a title that fortuitously retains the essence of that particular space & time — 夏(summer) 渺 (vast) 橋(bridge) 綠(emerald) —Vast Summer, Emerald Bridge.

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Residency supported by

Hone Kong Arts Development Council &
Arts Development Fund of the Home Affairs Bureau,
the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region